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KY Coffee Tree

Gymnocladus Dioicus, also known as the Kentucky Coffee Tree, has been deemed suitable for urban planting. The plant got its local name when early Ky Settlers noticed that the seeds of the tree resembled coffee and roasted them for that purpose. The “coffee”, when drank in large quantities, was poisonous to its consumer. The Ky […]

20Th Century Coal Miners – Where They worked And Lived

Summer and Funnel Cakes

When I think of summer, I think of laying by the pool and reading, long summer days, warm Kentucky rains and fairs. I have always loved fairs. It is a time when the community comes together to share a little summer fun, view the local stock, whether it be cows or sheep, watch some local […]

Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley

Tom Dooley is a song I’ve heard all my life, I can even play it on the bass. It’s one of those sad down right mean songs about a horrible act-that still seems to draw me in for some reason. Appalachia abounds with lonesome sadistic songs about killing-almost always a girl. Some of the songs […]

Cinnamon, and Honey

CINNAMON & HONEY……. you won’t be sorry for taking the time. Bet the “drug” companies won’t like this one getting around. Facts on honey and cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept […]

LOL In Appalachia

Some laughter by way of Pap. Back in the day, Pap and a friend walked to see 2 brothers, who were musicians-in the hopes of hearing some good pickin and grinnin. Soon after arriving, they started asking the brothers to play them a song-but the boys kept putting them off. Even the boys’ Mother encouraged […]

Scare on the Mountain

In 1950 when I was twelve years old,  my little ‘gang’ and I played in the hills all summer long.   We had heard of a cave in the hill across the creek back of our homes and one day decided to go looking for that cave.  We were far back in the mountains and came […]

Summer Has Arrived In Appalachia

The Summer Solstice was on June 21st. For several days before and after, the Sun seems to stand still. The longest day and the shortest night of the year occur on the Summer Solstice. This is sometimes called Midsummer since it is roughly in the middle of the growing season. For most folks in Southern […]